Don’t Miss the Update in General Cardiology at C³ this year!

June 17-18, 2018

We are fortunate to live in a time when advances in cardiovascular science is rapidly adding new options for the clinical management of our patients. While this progress is exciting, it also presents a challenge to the practitioner. How do we keep up with the plethora of new information? How do we sort the wheat from the chaff? How do we judge what new studies and therapeutic options are applicable to our patients as we encounter them in our daily practice? How do we make the difficult choices about integrating novel therapies with the tried and true? The newly instituted general cardiovascular program within the C3 Symposium aims to provide guidance to the practitioner regarding these points. Expert speakers, all of whom practice clinical cardiology as well as engage in forefront research, distill the essence of the rapidly expanding knowledge base and provide a seasoned perspective on how to integrate this information into practice.  Discussion among the experts airs the controversies and strengths and weaknesses regarding late-breaking clinical trials. Together we weigh the pros and cons of emerging therapeutic options. Using a case-based approach, we put the research information into a practical context. The assembled experts interact with the attendees to elicit their insightful questions and to share best practices. We have worked hard to put together a program that will prove informative as well as exciting and invite you to join us in Orlando in June.

Peter Libby, MD 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Chair, General Cardiology Program
Rajesh Dave, MD, FSCAI, FACC
The Ortenzio Heart Center at Holy Spirit Hospital
Camp Hill, PA
Chairman, C3 Global Conference