NEW This Year – Limb Salvage Summit at C³!

June 17-19, 2018

In looking back over the last half of the 20th century, one of the biggest advancements in the US healthcare system was the institution and development of a national trauma system. Because of this effort, a profound improvement in quality of life and a substantial reduction of the morbidity and mortality was realized by trauma patients throughout the country. As health care providers, we are in the midst of another health care pandemic – involving the loss of limb.

Around the world, nearly every 30 seconds, someone experiences a lower extremity amputation. This phenomenon is almost always due to complications related to diabetes and/or peripheral vascular disease. Significant advancements have been made, and are in the process of being made, in regards to the diabetic and peripheral vascular limb salvage patient. Just as with the trauma patient, there is a substantial need for the development and propagation of a far-reaching system to address limb loss.

To that end, the C³ cardiovascular group has taken the opportunity to compose a symposium for the advancement of the limb salvage patient. This symposium focuses on the specific pathology and finer elements contributing to the result of amputation. Our hopes are that this program
will assist the everyday practitioner in the evaluation and treatment of this very challenging patient demographic as well as ignite further interest in the research, discovery, and application of modalities to assist in the curtailment of this societal problem.

We welcome you to the inaugural limb salvage program at the annual C³ conference!

Rajesh M. Dave, MD, FSCAI, Course Director
Larry Osher, Scientific Co-Chair
Jeff Shook, DPM, Scientific Co-Chair

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