The mission of Interventional Academy is intended to transcend the spirit of shared knowledge into continued and unbroken connections among practitioners and leaders in healthcare.

We strive to provide the best in a global exchange of scientific research, techniques, technologies, and enhanced patient care through education, discussion and analyses of best practices.

Interventional Academy will allow virtual and live education that defies not only the borders of specialty, but the borders of nations.

Our Story

Emerging from C3, a global phenomenon, a community of cardiac, and vascular interventionalists that have passionately taught each other the latest techniques and innovations. Throughout this time, they have leveraged these gatherings to impart pearls of knowledge and learn from one another. This path has led to the formation of Interventional Academy.

We will provide the overarching structure that permits both collegial enrichment and the grooming of the next generation of interventionalists worldwide. This collaboration will offer the voice and spirit of C3 year-round and in many platforms.


“I have attended C3 twice and find it very worthwhile. C3 gives several opportunities to present cases and research – both in smaller context as in bigger. That is very nice since it gives opportunity for everyone to share – even more inexperienced participants have the opportunity to give a presentation.”

“C3 gives excellent opportunities to network and share experiences with colleagues.”

“Dr. Dave did a fabulous job on bringing together women interventionalists from all over the world to discuss the issues at hand.”

“My experience regarding the C3 conference was excellent. Everything was planned and carried out in the best way, Dr. Rajesh Dave was an excellent director and the entire staff was kind and efficient.

“I strongly advise everyone to attend the C3 conference, it is a really important occasion, both on the professional and human side.”