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This is an update on the latest news in the medical world, specifically in the field of cardiology. The articles section covers two important topics, one about the comparison between percutaneous coronary intervention and coronary artery bypass graft in left main revascularisation and the other about new consumer guidance on wearable devices from the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. In addition, there are two significant press releases, namely Touch Medical Media Announces the Acquisition of Heart International Journal, and Heart Interventional Journal Becomes the Official Journal of C3. Moreover, is an independent information resource that supports physicians, clinicians, and leading industry professionals in continuously developing their knowledge and effectiveness through free-to-access content in multimedia formats. Stay up to date on the latest news and continue to hone your skills with these valuable resources.


Touch Cardio Vol 17

Welcome to the latest edition of Heart International!

The field of #cardiology continues to develop, and the range of articles presented in this issue highlights cutting-edge technology and innovation within the fields of #CardiovascularDisease, #obesity, #InterventionalCardiology and more.


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