In 2019, Heart International became the official journal of C3. Heart International is a leading journal from medical education provider, touchCARDIO.

Heart International Journal

About Heart International

The Heart International journal is a peer-reviewed, free-to-access, bi-annual journal, specializing in the publication of balanced and comprehensive review articles written by leading authorities to address the most important and salient developments in the field of cardiology.

The aim of these reviews is to break down the high science from ‘data-rich’ primary papers and provide practical advice and opinion on how this information can help physicians in the day to day clinical setting. Editorials, special reports, case reports, and original research articles are also featured to promote discussion and learning among physicians, clinicians, researchers and related healthcare professionals.

Heart International is indexed in a number of different databases including the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), Scopus and has its full archives listed on PubMed Central. Drs Magdi El Omar and Rajesh Dave’ both head up the journal as its Editors-in-Chief. Meet the Editorial Board.