C3 | Interventional Academy and European Bifurcation Club Joint Session

Part 2 of Bifurcation Webinar Series

Chair: Rajesh Dave, MD – C3 Course Director

Co-Chair: Goran Stankovic, MD

Co-Chair: Yves Louvard, MD

Co-Chair: Imad Sheiban, MD

Moderators: Maciej Lesiak, MD, PhD | Jacek Legutko, MD | Yutaka Hikichi, MD | Vladimir Dzavik, MD | Goran Stankovic, MD | Imad Sheiban, MD | Yves Louvard, MD | Niels Holm, MD | Javier Escaned, MD

Speakers: Maciej Lesiak, MD, PhD | George Vetrovec, MD | Jacek Legutko, MD | Yutaka Hikichi, MD | Yves Louvard, MD | Ramesh Daggubati, MD | Vladimir Dzavik, MD | Imad Sheiban, MD | Goran Stankovic, MD | Sudhir Rathore, MD | Gabor G Toth, MD, PhD

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