Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) has become the leading cause of deaths globally as well as in India, with the disease contributing to a quarter of all deaths in the country. Compounding the problem is the early onset of disease in the population, affecting both young and old alike.   

Recently, ET met with one of the pioneers in interventional cardiologyDr Rajesh Dave, Chief of Cardiology at Holy Spirit Hospital, USA at C3 conclave Gurugram, India. Dr Dave is known for his vast clinical experience and research on cardiovascular diseases. Here are the excerpts from our interaction: 

There are lot of innovations ongoing in the field of interventional cardiology. For the benefit of readers, please share some insights on the recent advancements in this field.

Interventional cardiology is rapidly evolving and newer innovations are helping the physicians to optimize treatment for achieving superior clinical outcomes. There is an emerging concept of precision PCI where patients are getting benefited with innovative tools in imaging and physiology technologies like Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). They help in clinically assessing and perfecting the treatment decision for better results.

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