By, Dr. Arasi Maran

From struggling for our right to vote to now.. what an incredible journey it has been. Even in the field of medicine, women have struggled and are still struggling to find their rightful place. But the fight is on. But this time, it’s not just women, the men have joined women to stand by them as they march on.

Campaigns like #timesup #heforshe stand testimony to this struggle. The fight has just begun.. women are still underrepresented in Medicine especially in the field of Interventional Cardiology with less than 5% of all women who enter medicine choose Interventional Cardiology. This is largely due to fear of radiation, myth of not having a ‘full’ family life, “we cannot make it”. Even if a woman crosses all these barriers and completes her training, she continues to face unconscious bias during job interviewing and definitely is paid less compared to men of the same training.

Yes, we have come a long way.. but the journey isn’t over. On this International Women’s day, let’s regroup and refocus our efforts to get our well deserved equal place. 

Happy #InternationalWomensday

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